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About Us

Based in Richmond region of British Columbia, Canada; Golden Gear is a prominent manufacturer of custom Gears for divergent industries. Golden Gears is a reputed produced of Gears of various types made through great precision and they are customized to suit varying industries and business purposes.

Golden Gears Ltd. is a customer-oriented manufacturer producing high quality and durable gears suitable for specific purposes and gear classes which have been manufactured keeping industry specification in focus. The reputed custom gears manufacturer specializes in internal and external spurs or helical gears. It also manufacturer quality gear cutting equipments and supplies a good amount of Bevel and Worm Gears to the industries.

Golden Gears offers its wide clientele with an array of Gear products to choose from along with specialized Gear servicing in Forestry, Steel, Mining, Packaging, Oil, Marine, Pulp and Papers industries.

Golden Gears brings into use the latest technology and equipments for advanced level of gear manufacturing and production. At Golden Gears Ltd, it is on-going process of development and sharpening the Gear manufacturing and cutting techniques to suit varying industries needs and divergent commercial domains.

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